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Kenya VoyageHeart to Hands is a program for students, aged 16 and up, who have a deep desire to create a better world. Students who are selected will be capable of positively impacting humanity and becoming strong leaders. The internships will offer a variety of possibilities for interns to develop their skills, in communication, teaching, building, environmentally clean technologies, getting along with other, cross cultural understandings and studies, and language. These internships will be experiential in nature, hands on and of various lengths depending upon the placements and student schedules. Internships will be supportive of the student’s natural talents and interests and will be used to launch them into fields that create positive change and healing for our societies and environments.

We have students from both the both US and European countries working along side students of similar age group from the host country which allows the cultural exchange to be very deep. Lasting friendships are developed while cultural understanding is expanded.

International internships show people of other countries the best that America has to offer because it will highlight our youth giving of their talents, integrity and service. It also educates American students about the impact that our decisions as a country have on the world and deepens their compassion for the experiences of the rest of the world.

China Summer Minority Studies Program 2011

July 15-21:  Develop knowledge of the 26 minority cultures in Yunnan Province through a seminar program with graduate students at Yunnan University.  Explore Kunming, the Stone Forest and it's Yi minority village, and local parks and temples.  While in Kunming, students will stay with the families of Chinese program participants.

July 21-27:  Participate in the student volunteer program in a minority village, with Chinese university students.  Students will stay in villager's homes throughout the project and will work on projects related to health, hygiene, water systems, education, or the environment, as determined by the villagers.

July 28-Aug 11:  Explore 3 minority cultures in northwest Yunnan Province.  The exploration will include the Bai culture of Dali (an ancient walled town) and Shaxi (a thousand year old village with an historic market).  Activities will include hiking on Cangshan mountain, a boat trip on Erhai Lake, temple visits, Bai traditional food, and Bai traditional dancing.

The second culture that will be explored is the Naxi culture of Lijiang and Yuhu Village. This exploration will include spending a day with an expert on the Naxi tradition and language and the Dongba spiritual traditions, in   his village and visiting the Museum of the Naxi culture. The trip will then move to Yuhu village at the base of Dragon Snow Mountain, a small village of stone houses and traditional living.  This village is known for having been the home of Joseph Rock, a westerner who in the early 20th Century photographed the traditional cultures of the area for National Geographic magazine.

The third culture is the Tibetan culture of northern Yunnan, an are that was once part of Tibet, but now in the province.  The town of Zhongdian houses one of the largest Tibetan monasteries outside of Tibet itself, and is designed much like the Potola Palace monastery in Lasa.  Students will be staying in a traditional guest house in the old town and visiting the monastery, a pilgrimage site, a traditional village home, a Tibetan dancing in the old town square.

August 12-13: Kunming and return to the United States

Price $3950.00

Students going on service internships are required to complete the
Leadership training called the Leadership Institute. This is a 3-day training
that is held in retreat.

Three Day Leadership Institute

Our approach is transformational requiring the student to look inside of themselves. This is a requirement for students to participate in an internship. This Institute will insure that students:

    • Practice team building with mentors and peers
    • Develop relevant problem solving skills
    • Learn guidelines for expectations in terms of behavior and what the goals of the project
    • Develop Cultural sensitivity skills
    • Become familiar with their own internal process and what may challenge them
    • How to live life out of their integrity

The leadership institute gathers yearly and is a place for students to return and interact with each other, building a web of positive minded youth that replenish each other. Students work to move our world and themselves forward in a positive loving way. The returning students will participate in the institute and teach the younger students who are newly attending. This institute also encourages young adults to trust themselves and begin to study the patterning inside of them that stands in their way.

The summer leadership class of 2009 was very strong year and students have asked to continue leadership training throughout the year our meeting dates for the 2010 will be Jan 24th, Feb 7th, Feb 21, March 7th March 28th, April 11th, April 25th continuing dates will be decided during the April meeting Call to inquire 505 466-8385

Examples of internships that we have sponsored

Trip to Cambodia: photo of childrenDomestic:

    1. A student teaching part of the peace studies class at Capital
      High School, Santa Fe New Mexico.
    2. Students creating a kindness program that they taught in
      elementary schools.
    3. Students creating a weekend PeaceJam Event with a Nobel Peace Laureate speaking to 300 youth from around New Mexico.


    1. Students have built houses and toilets in rural, ethnic China. -2008
    2. Students worked on a watershed project with villagers. -2009


    1. Students studied leading edge land conservancy projects at Lewa that could be replicated in other parts of the world, and created a children’s book for young children who visit Lewa. -2007
    2. Students taught English, computer skills and other classes to young Kenyan girls that had run to a Safe House in Narork, so they would not have to go through the female cutting ceremony. -2008


Our interns have been trained in Bricketting, a simple method of taking dry grasses; branches or trees and making a brickett that can be used for cooking. This technique can be taught by interns to help create ways for people to make a living in 3rd world countries while helping the environment. Interns are available to teach this if requested by a group or organization.

Internships offered in 2011

China – Teaching and building with Chinese University students and villagers in a ethnic Yi Village 3 hours from Kunming, China; then a trip up into the Tibetan region of China, followed by travel to a elephant rescue project in Thailand-July 2011

Tanzania – Teaching and working with Aid's Orphans in Tanzania at St Lucia Orphanage just outside of Arusha. After the service project there will be a week of travel into Tanzania's Game parks including waterfalls and craters. -july or August 2011

Kenya – Building a Green building that will be used to teach simple clean technologies to local Kenyans.

Cambodia – Working and teaching in an orphanage in Siem Reap. Yhis is a wonderful orphanage right across from Angkor Wat. This internship can be as long as an intern desires. Generally we like to send students during the fall, winter, or spring months so often it can be done during a semester break from college or during a year off of school. This project works with one to two interns at a time so is different than the trips outlined above.

India – Working and teaching in a Bon Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Northern India with young children who may become monks in Solan or Daradun. The children are ages 3 ½- 15.

Adult or family service project in an international setting are an option.

For more information about the above projects call 505 466-8385 or e-mail rdw2100@aol.com

Adult mentors are in each service location and oversee and work with interns to support their progress. We have strong adults on the ground in each project that are well versed in the culture of the country and help the interns to assimilate into the projects they are working in. In some cases college age mentors who have been through the Heart to Hands program will act as youth facilitators for the group of students on a project.

A debriefing meeting will take place with each student at the end of their internship to reflect upon the process they have just gone through and a visioning of their next steps. Students will be expected to do a write-up of their experience upon returning and 6 months after the experience, which will be archived for future reference for new interns.

Heart to Hands, a Quimby Amenti Foundation, is a program for students who have deep desire to create a better world.

"Heart to Hands’ philosophy is related to the concept of namaste: The Spirit within me honors and respects the Spirit within you. It’s like namaste actualized."


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