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Photos of China TripWelcome to Heart to Hands Transformational Servicse

Heart to Hands is a non-profit that helps develop the leaders of the future through creating service internships that foster positive social and environmental change. We are the educational arm of the Quimby Amenti Foundation which is a 501 (c) 3.

Our internships allow for service in the areas that directly interest the student, aged 16 and up, whether in a domestic or international venue. Our service learning projects rest on a belief that true service is non-hierarchical and mutually benefiting in nature. We believe interns and the communities with whom they interact to have unique and valuable gifts to bring to our shared table. Therefore, interns work hand in hand and heart to heart with the communities in the visited countries. We seek to assist needs that the people of the visited country have determined to be relevant to them. For example, while in rural China we partnered with a village where we considered building a school. Instead, they really needed toilets. In this project, eight new stalls were built with interns helping alongside villagers. Students learned how the village built their toilets and assisted them. Interns also were able to witness a very important celebration in the Yi community. The villagers were deeply touched that the interns cared about their ceremonies and the interns’ lives were deeply moved and changed by being able to take part in the ceremony. While in Kenya, Heart to Hands interns worked with a Safe House that girls run to when they do not wish to go through the female genital mutilation ceremony. In this project, our interns taught and tutored the girls who were living there in order for the girls to have greater success in school. This was a need of the safe house.

Heart to Hands internships offer life experience and create character development for those who participate. We train students, aged 16 and up, in transformational leadership skills that they can use during the service learning projects they have chosen. For instance, how do we truly listen deeply to another person and understand their perspective? When we are upset by something how do we reflect inside and heal it internally instead of reacting externally? How do we truly learn to be at peace inside of ourselves regardless of what is occurring in our world?

Our goal is for everyone to be enriched by the service projects and ultimately, for the world to become closer and realize how similar we are.

Heart to Hands, a Quimby Amenti Foundation, is a program for students who have deep desire to create a better world.

I learned so much from the girls [at Tasaru ]and was touched just to be able to share in their lives and hopefully contribute something back to them.
The Heart to Hands Application Process:

1. Download our Application located here.
2. Complete Application and return via email.
3. Schedule and complete an oral Interview.
4. Pay non-refundable deposit for requested internship.
5. Review requirements for internship you wish to attend: China | Africa
6. Attend Leadership Institute.


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