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Photos of travels to Yi Village, China, Kenya, Africa, Lewa Conservancy, various events including Habitat for Humanity

Photo Descriptions

I gained so much from being able to live with the young ladies at Tasaru.  To slowly learn their stories and for them to open up to us was incredible.Yi Village, China, 2008 - We partnered with a Yi Village, 3 hours from Kunming. While there, students built a toilet for the community and were also able to witness their summer ceremonies. The Yi people were deeply touched that the students were interested in their culture and ceremonies, and it completely shifted the Chinese students idea of themselves and their country.

Lewa Conservancy Project, 2006 - Students created a text for young children who visit Lewa. It teaches them all about the world of Lewa, what they are experiencing, the animals, the flora and fauna and how to care for the environment.

Safe House in Narork Kenya, 2007 - Students taught English and computer skills and assorted other classes to young girls in Kenya that retreat to the Safe House to avoid being cut during the ceremonial season when female mutilation occurs.

Habitat for Humanity, China, 2007 and 2008 - Chinese and American students worked with Habitat for Humanity in building a house in the Yunnan Province of China. Students also assisted a YI village in constructing a much needed toilet system.

Heart to Hands, a Quimby Amenti Foundation, is a program for students who have deep desire to create a better world.

“The Peace Studies Leadership class is essentially the study of how to create peace, within our community, our world, and ourselves. Woven through that concept is effective communication, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and how to take action. I truly cannot think of anything I’d rather be involved with. As a result of this internship (and the passion that resides within me) I know I will be involved with it for the rest of my life. Actually, I knew it on the first day of the class.”

Non-profit group photos of China, Cambodia, Africa and various events worldwide
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